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Tierinee B.
First Time Mom

It takes a village to raise a child. I’ve learned the truth of that saying over the last 4 weeks with my newborn. But what they don’t tell you is that it also takes a village to get through each trimester. I have such gratitude for my husband, family, church community, midwives and my doula. All of which loved and supported me through my pregnancy, labor and delivery as well as current postpartum. In particular, I’d like to highlight my doula, Gwendy. Throughout my pregnancy, the prenatal care I received from Gwendy made a huge difference. When we needed to make an informed decision, we knew we could reach out to her for the facts. When I had lingering fear about some pregnancy symptoms or fear of labor, she helped me work through it. When I had ideas about my birth plan, she listened intently and then provided great insights. When my husband or I needed an advocate, we called Gwendy and she advocated for us. During my laboring, the care, encouragement, and love that Gwendy gave helped make the experience all that I had hoped for. At one point, she even let me  labor in her tub at her home! A unique privilege I had as her neighbor, but shows how much she cares! That time laboring in her home was one of our favorite moments of the labor process. Working through contractions in the tub was exactly what I needed in that moment. Gwendy provided Godly comfort measures, encouraging both my husband and I through scripture cards, prayer and worship music. Through the rest of my birth, she was a great support partner to both my husband and I. Anything I needed, she did. From the beginning to the time we were bringing our newborn home, Gwendy loved on us so well! Her very presence welcomed the Holy Spirit and peace into the room. When I needed physical touch and support through my contractions, she provided that. When I needed emotional support through laboring, she encouraged me with her words. She spoke truth and life over my God given ability to give birth. Even in postpartum, she has been just as much a support. From baking lactation cookies, to checking in, helping with breastfeeding and even some household errands, Gwendy has dedicated herself to our family! Because of this, we are forever grateful and full of such love for her. I’m so glad we decided to have a doula and I’m beyond blessed that it was Gwendy. I wouldn’t want to give birth without her and I’m thrilled to have her as our forever doula!

Beau B.
First Time Dad

Hiring a doula was a great decision and hiring Gwendy as our doula an even better one. She was instrumental throughout the entire pregnancy, labor and postpartum time. She provided us with many great resources, knowledge, advice (when asked), prayers, peace and love at every stage. She also was one of the few professional we talked to during pregnancy that asked how I was doing and tried to include me in the discussions. A nice change as it seemed most of the time I, as the husband and father, was often overlooked or even dismissed, as though I was not an equally important part of this process. We also made a great time during the labor process, working together to help support my wife. She didn't just take over the role of main birth partner but rather filled in the gas when and where I needed help, just as we planned. But the main thing that made Gwendy so vital to us was her faith. Having chosen to give birth as a birthing center that was not necessarily Christian-based, having her and her father there to help usher in the Holy Spirit through her prayers, the music she played, scripture cards she made and put up and words she spoke was invaluable. She brought so much peace and joy to us during the process and we are forever grateful that was a part of our birthing story!

God used Gwendy in such a powerful way to bless me, my husband, our baby, and our entire birth experience! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a sensitive, kind, proactive, thoughtful, and Holy-Spirit led doula! The following is my testimony of how Gwendy attended to my needs during my pregnancy and birth.

I reached out to Gwendy soon after finding out about my pregnancy because I thought she might have some resources for my unique method of giving birth: a natural hospital birth attended by midwives. Gwendy immediately went to work EVEN BEFORE SHE WAS OFFICIALLY MY DOULA trying to connect me with a midwife group and help me find a wonderful hospital that would support my method of delivery. 

I felt like Gwendy valued me deeply as a person, and I couldn’t believe how she served me even before I was her client. Because all of our family lived out of the area, we knew this delivery would be different than my first three, and without the support of my mom and sisters. I wanted extra emotional support for a natural birth, and we decided to pursue a meeting with Gwendy. 

My husband and I met with Gwendy and we immediately felt safe and comfortable interacting with her. Gwendy’s gentle “go-with-the-flow” approach worked well for our laid-back personalities, and she was an expert at reading what my husband and I needed from her - starting from day one! 


Around 30 weeks, I found out that my baby was laying in the breech position. I felt like an emotional block hit me, and in my mind, it seemed certain that I would end up NOT having the natural delivery that I had wanted. I felt discouraged and like I would end up with a C-section. 

It was around this time that I met with Gwendy for one of my prenatal appointments. She listened to my concerns and empathized with me emotionally. However, her first response was one of encouragement and of being proactive! Gwendy immediately suggested the Spinning Babies resource and even showed me how to physically achieve the positions. She showed my husband how he could help support me in the spinning baby exercises and wrote out a plan for how often I needed to do them.

Because I was so discouraged at this stage, I asked Gwendy for extra emotional support and accountability to check in on whether I ACTUALLY was doing the exercises. She would text me regularly and encourage me to continue with the exercises! 

When I went in for my 33 week appt, I found out that my baby had finally turned head down! Without Gwendy’s support I truly believe that I would have had a different pregnancy and birth outcome. God worked his grace through Gwendy towards me and my baby! 

When I went into labor two weeks before my due date, Gwendy was ready to help! I called her at 4:00am with my plan to go to the hospital, and she was ready to go - driving over an hour to my chosen hospital! 

She supported me via text while I was in triage waiting for my contractions to pick up. She was encouraging when my labor slowed down and the midwife gave me the choice to stay and labor at the hospital, or leave and come back later that day. 

Once I got home, and was able to rest, I realized that I had been having back labor all morning, and felt like my baby might have been anterior facing. I started back into the spinning babies moves that Gwendy taught me, and on my third exercise, I felt my baby come all the way around, and engage with my pelvis. My water immediately broke and I went into intense labor- but not back labor!

Gwendy met my husband and I at the hospital (doing the one hour drive AGAIN) , and this time we were in a rush! Gwendy set up my labor room with music, a diffuser, and my labor cards so my husband and I could fully focus on our labor routine together. 

When my contractions got intense, Gwendy was right there to encourage relaxation techniques. Her calm and reassuring presence was such a gift to us. Her prayers and praise to God during my labor, helped to usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and it became an atmosphere of worship - even the nurses and midwives just wanted to come hang out in our space because of how special of an atmosphere it was! 

I felt like Gwendy studied me during labor and anticipated my needs so well! She was ready to help and serve, even before we asked for help. We joked that Gwendy was our Doula DJ because she would change out the music based on my preferences at the moment. The photos that she snapped were breathtaking and so perfectly captured our birth experience! She kept me supplied with sips of water - reading my needs and immediately caring for me! When I was in transition, Gwendy fed me honey sticks so that I would have the energy for delivery. That made such a big difference for me when it was time to push - and my actual delivery was quick and easy.


Gwendy is like a chameleon - she changes and adapts her approach and technique to whatever your needs are at the moment! If you are on the line and unsure about using Gwendy - I encourage you to take the plunge and invest with her! You will not regret it! Gwedy’s services are a lifetime investment and absolutely 100% worth it!


Suzannah S.
4th Time Mom

Esther D.

Having Gwendy as my doula was one of the best decisions I made in my pregnancy. She was so supportive and encouraging for my VBAC. I thank God for placing her on my journey.

Kaelynn L.
First Time Mom

Gwendy is such a peaceful and supportive presence to have in the birth space. She is an encourager and prayer warrior and she stood in the gap as I overcame certain doubts and fears throughout my pregnancy and reminded me who I am and that I was more than capable. We absolutely loved having her in our corner as we welcomed our first baby into this world.

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