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Doula at Home

Christian birth & postpartum doula serving Tampa Bay & surrounding areas

Let me help you achieve a Holy-Spirit filled labor & birth.

Gwendy & her children

About All Is Well Doula

Welcome! I'm Gwendy Gregory, Christian Preconception/Birth/Postpartum Doula & Birth Coach

My approach is grounded in my experience of pregnancy and birth as a profound spiritual and emotional experience – not just a physical one. This is a theme running throughout my life, springing from my own Christian faith.

My support is all-encompassing and includes resources and evidence-based information as well as Biblically sound perspectives. 

I have a particular passion for holistic and functional approaches to pregnancy and labor and how they relate to a better outcome by applying this to nutrition and wellness practices.

I am known for my calm and peaceful demeanor (check out my testimonials for some very sweet stories from previous clients) and for my desire to educate, support and inspire you & your partner to make the best decisions for your birth and family.

I care deeply about each of my clients and feel that the bond and relationship we form and build upon is essential to my helping support you in the most organic and authentic way possible. 

I am a prayer warrior, a good listener & depend very much on the guidance of the Holy Spirit in each and every client I work with. I use my experience and knowledge along with my Christian values and beliefs to bring 100% of my love for this work into each an every experience I am blessed to be invited into. 

A Christ-Centered Approach to Pregnancy & Birth

Perinatal Evidence-Based Resources & Information

Ongoing Support via Phone/Text

Spiritual Encouragement & Prayer

Active Labor Support

Birth Photos

Pregnant Belly

What Families Are Saying...

“Throughout my pregnancy, the prenatal care I received from Gwendy made a huge difference. When we needed to make an informed decision, we knew we could reach out to her for the facts. When I had lingering fear about some pregnancy symptoms or fear of labor, she helped me work through it. She also provided Godly comfort measures, encouraging both my husband and I through scripture cards, prayer and worship music. I wouldn’t want to give birth without her and I’m thrilled to have her as our forever doula!”

Tierinee B. | First Time Mother

“Gwendy provided us with many great resources, knowledge, advice (when asked), prayers, peace & love at every stage of our pregnancy, labor & birth journey.”

Beau B. | First Time Father

“I am forever grateful for Gwendy's combination of faith & pregnancy philosophy. She helped me worked through some previous trauma that I felt might hinder me from the birth I desired. Her support, both physical and spiritual, helped remain grounded and at peace. My birth was everything my heart desired.”

Esther B.

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